Wholesale Asset Liquidation Division

Who We Are

Property Source is a Nationwide DIRECT wholesaler of foreclosed ASSETS. We Are The #1 supplier in the Detroit wholesale market. We are a direct supplier of Bulk Offerings, Tapes, Pools and Packages. We specialize in the Detroit and Florida Wholesale liquidation market. Our team has been specializing in the wholesale real estate market for 18 plus years. All assets we offer are very recent previous foreclosed properties. Most of our assets are offered 50% below their BPO (Appraisals) value. We have locations in Detroit, N.Y.C and Fl. We are considered a premier member of Loopnet for well over 6 years. With well over 6,000 clients viewing us though Loopnet alone. We are thought to be the largest supplier in the Detroit wholesale market. If you are an asset company or a bank you would know that we're considered a leader in the industry. Our solid reputation speaks for itself.