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Automaker's new president witnessed broad arc of automotive decline, including the ignominious end in 1992 to his father's career.


Eddie Lampert’s hedge fund has won a bid to buy roughly 400 stores and other assets for $5.2 billion


Federal employees who aren’t working during the shutdown are eligible to claim unemployment aid, while those working without pay are not


The larger players are pushing into the cannabis industry as a potential engine for future growth


Leadership changes planned for February at Metro Detroit's two largest health systems


Robert Smith, nation's richest African-American, launches STEM-based internX


The menu was created by pizza expert Bruno DiFabio, a six-time champion of the World Pizza Games


A wheeled robot named Marty is rolling into nearly 500 grocery stores to alert employees to spills


Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and their peers have reported more than $111 billion of profit for 2018


Multiple media outlets reported early Wednesday that billionaire Eddie Lampert has won a bankruptcy auction